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what is Swaggle

Swaggle is a mobile marketplace for anyone to buy and sell new and pre-owned, quality men's wear straight from your closet. Our game-changing user interface will simplify the shopping experience so that you spend less time shopping and more time looking good.

Screenshot of the Sell screen


  • Set up a profile with personalized settings and list item(s) in less than 60 seconds
  • Advertise your item(s) in the Swaggle marketplace
  • Close the deal with a minimum commission fee
Screenshot of the Shop screen


  • Customize your search based on item category, size, brand, price and distance
  • Explore items from our quality-controlled list of designer brands
  • Swipe left to skip and swipe right to make an offer
Screenshot of the Offer screen


  • Submit an initial offer to begin the haggling process
  • Accept or counter-offer
  • Get the price you bargained for
Screenshot of the Accepted screen


  • Coordinate delivery method
  • Review your Swaggling experience
  • Voila!!!! Start again!

What are the benefits?

Swaggle benefits everyone, from individuals to consignment shops and boutiques.


Buy and sell men's wear with ease


Quality controlled brands, guaranteed payment process and excellent customer service and reviews


Inexpensive marketplace for shoppers and sellers


Bank level security

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Our Team

Team work makes the dream work

Team Member

Eric Niu

Co-founder and

Eric is an entrepreneur with experience in management consulting, government affairs and politics. He likes to travel, play sports and read at his spare time.

Team Member

Martin Sherene

Co-founder and
Chief Technology Officer

Martin is the backend, API and mobile dev guru member of the team. When not working on Swaggle, he enjoys tinkering with embedded platforms, running and riding his dirt bike.

Team Member

Mok-Yi Chow

Co-Founder and
Chief Design Officer

Mok-Yi is an user interface user experience (UI/Ux) designer. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and staying active. Mok-Yi also enjoys spending time with his dog and filming Youtube videos of his coral reef aquarium.

Team Member

Mike Ashe

Co-founder and
Chief Product Officer

Mike (or "Ash") is a user-centered designer and marketing specialist. His hobbies include mountain trekking, bow hunting, fishing, scuba diving and brew tours.

Team Member

Loren Silva

Creative Strategist

Experience in brand development and project management. Love to teach surfing, save lives, and hand model on the side

Team Member

James de la Cruz

Software Engineer Intern

In Jame's spare time he enjoys watching sports, playing basketball, experimenting with technologies, and watching anime.

Team Member

Mike Chi

Software Engineer Intern

In Mike's spare time he enjoys hiking, bboying, toying with code, and traveling.

Team Member

Chun-Wei Lo

Data Scientist Intern

Chun-Wei is a graduate student at the George Washington University, majoring in data science. In his spare time, he enjoys playing badminton and watching tv series.

Team Member

Cindy Lo

Product Management & UX Strategist

Cynthia is a Product Designer with a Business Technology Administration degree. Her hobbies include sketching at a coffee shop, rambling about art history, and people watching.

Team Member

Erika Yasuda

Developer Intern

Erika is an undergraduate student at the University of Washington studying Informatics. She loves dog-spotting, playing board games, and finding new Instagram-worthy food with friends.

Team Member

Danyal Lakdawala

Marketing Intern

Danyal is a Senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Economics and Entrepreneurship. He likes to play billiards in his free time and enjoys traveling as well.



Ankur Desai


Ankur, a Duke MBA, is a Strategy specialist with over 15 years of Business Development, Finance and Marketing experience. He has worked with Twilio, Automatic Labs, Bandwidth, Clearwire, Valor Communications Group, and Match.com and facilitated IPOs, M&A; and led start-up and product launches.

Team Member

Izzy Ezrailson


Izzy has been tagged as the fashion "guru" by almost every trade publication serving the apparel business. He has experience in importing and branding spread over a 41 year period. As president and founder of Up Against the Wall stores he has experienced countless trends in both consumer tastes and business developments.

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